even though
you caused me so much pain
i think i am a better person
than that,
so i therefore
wish you all the best
in your future life.

but i hope
you never find a girl
who will give you as much
pleasure, as i did.

i hope you regret
leaving me.

How are you guys doing??

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missing someone part II

it has nearly been a year since i wrote about what it is like missing someone. and although i feel as if the definition to “missing someone” is the few words almost everyone wishes they never had to think about, it is almost as if everyone still does anyway. 

the other day i was walking home and i saw the sunset. as i paused to take a picture, it was then i thought - this is wishing someone would be there next to me. that instead of using my camera as a lens to capture this moment right here, you would be my camera lens. you would be the box that i kept all my extraordinary memories. you would be next to me observing this nature we often are too rushed to notice. you would be holding my hand as we breathed in this moment of life together. except you weren’t even close to where i was. and there you have it, missing someone. that’s exactly what it is.


Theo James + suits appreciation post.

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Truth is, I miss you. And I’ve always missed you like crazy. I’ve gone through nights trying to convince myself that I am okay with your non-existence in my life but all I can think of when I see you are all the nights we used to share talking, sharing, caring. Curse me for feeling so deeply for…