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what did you think when you got the call for the sexiest man alive shoot?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - behind the scenes of his photoshoot with Nathaniel Goldberg - summer 2012 (x)


Less phone, more living


ever drown yourself in sad music just so you feel like you’re not crying about him but about the song instead????




EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord yourself talking about the relationship between Guns and the place you call Home. Also, contribute footage of your Home Environment.

Please touch upon these following questions while RECording your testimonial:

  • Where is your Home?
  • How do Guns factor in at your Home on a daily basis?
  • Do you have to adjust your Lifestyle because of the effect Guns have on your Community?
  • Have you ever felt in Danger because of Guns? Explain.
  • How does your Environment effect your opinion on Guns? Has your opinion changed because of a particular incident or experience? Why or why not?


do you ever feel really sad and need that certain someone to talk to but you don’t really want to bother them…. but you want to because they are the only person who you want to hear you talk and listen to you but they’re probably asleep and not thinking about wanting to talk to you but but but but but

all the buts in this world and I just hate them all