Theo James + suits appreciation post.

  • the sight of this man is a gift from the gods

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Truth is, I miss you. And I’ve always missed you like crazy. I’ve gone through nights trying to convince myself that I am okay with your non-existence in my life but all I can think of when I see you are all the nights we used to share talking, sharing, caring. Curse me for feeling so deeply for…

It’s no different, Katniss.”




Ya know, a lot of people ask me “What is HITRECORD?” So, I made this new video to explain what it is & how you can contribute to our collaborative productions. You can create an account HERE

HITRECORD is different than your typical Hollywood production company. Anyone with the Internet can contribute to our collaborative projects & this website is where we come to make things together, like Short Films, Books, Music, Art, and our latest & greatest production - our television show: HITRECORD ON TV.

You can contribute your Video, Image, Text, or Audio RECords to any of the collaborations we’re working on, or you can start your own collaboration on the site.

And if your work gets used in a money-making production, we pay you for it. For their work in 2013, the community is receiving a grand total of $737,175.09.

So, thanks for stopping by. Hope you stick around, I’d love to work with you. Are you RECording?

Thanks again <3



found these pictures of the sky on my phone from the summer & i can’t even believe that they’re real

i figured it out too late. you gotta learn to hide the anger, practice smiling in the mirror. it’s like putting on a mask.